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We supply superior assortment of canned button mushrooms known for their superior taste, freshness and quality standards. The button mushroom is one of the most widely cultivated mushrooms in the world.


Details about our canned mushroom  

Types - Canned Whole Button Mushrooms, Canned Sliced Mushrooms, Canned Mushroom Pieces and Mushroom Stems


  • Whole Mushroom - These are whole button mushroom caps with attached stems in which the stems are not longer than half of the cap diameter.
  • Sliced Mushroom/Mushroom Slices - Superior quality sliced mushrooms are made by slicing whole button mushrooms. 
  • Mushroom Pieces and Stems - Pieces and stems of mushrooms consisting of cut or broken portions of caps and stems and may also contain a mixture of whole, buttons, sliced whole or sliced buttons.


Canned Mushroom Ingredients - Mushroom, Water, Salt and Citric Acid


Single Strength Specifications:

Packing 400g x 24 Tins 425g x 24 Tins 850g x 24 Tins 2550g x 6 Tins 3.1kg x 6 Tins
Net Weight 400g 425g 850g 2550g 3.1kg
Drained Weight 200g 225g 425g 1350g 1800g
Unit Ctn Ctn Ctn Ctn Ctn
Cartons/20 FCL 1700 1700 850 1060 1000

We are using innovative techniques in Canned Baby Corn manufacturing processes and packing it efficiently so that they can preserve their savor for a long time.

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Canned Fruits & Vegetables

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