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Pulp and Puree

Fruit Pulp

Shimla Hills offers an intense range of processed fruit products such as fruit pulp and fruit puree that are healthy and made out of premium quality fully ripened fruits.  The fruit pulps and purees are processed thermally and then packed aseptically to retain 100% freshness, color, aroma and flavor.

Best Quality Fruit Pulp and Puree

As one of the most trusted Puree exporters from India, we adhere to GMP and HACCP standards for all our pulp and puree manufacturing. Selected variety of fully matured fruits, which are free from any genetic modification are harvested and swiftly transported to the processing units.They are then inspected, washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded and processed. They are hygienically processed to produce a natural fruit pulp and puree that has wholesome characteristic flavor of the fruit.

Packing Quality

Shimla Hills, one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of fruit pulp and puree, ensures that it offers premium packing quality to its clients. Therefore, the pulp, under sterile condition is packed into aseptic packaging with a shelf-life of 24 months.

Bulk Production

Though the fruit pulp and puree is produced in bulk at Shimla Hills, but quality is never compromised. Also, stringent quality procedures are followed at every step of processing to ensure that the customers get premium quality of fruit pulp and puree.

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