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A company driven by passion, the passion of bringing nature’s best to you by striking a right balance of what nature offers and what state of the art technology supports. Experience an altogether new way, to meet all your customised needs for tropical fruits and vegetable processed products with Shimla Hills – ‘A Government Certified Export House’. 

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  • Visit us at:
    The International Food Trade Show -
    Anuga 2015
    10th - 14th October 2015,
    Cologne, Germany
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  • India – With the biggest bite of global mango business
    When it comes to lucrative global fruit market, every nation proudly showcase the fruit which they can claim exclusive and uniquely theirs. Thus, Hawaii domineer pineapples, China, its lychees, Kenya, its Passion fruit. India touts for “Alphonso”-The Haffus.Read More
  • Rice Is Not Just A Staple Food, It’s Passion Around The World
    Consumed by billions around the world, rice is more than just food in most parts of the world – it is a way of life. In fact, rice became part of a phenomenal food culture that got spread from east to west very quickly. Read More

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  • The company originated in the foothills of Shimla, taking inspirations from the pure and natural environs. Today, Shimla Hills has evolved as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of processed fruit products from India.
  • We are dedicated towards developing a really robust Export Network with already present strong clientele overseas in countries like Middle East, South East Asia, Africa, South America and many other countries.

  • We practise stringent quality policies and standards that meet, and often exceed customer expectations. They are further backed by credible certifications like ISO, Govt. Certified Export House and HACCP, accredited to us. 

  • Adherence to eco-friendly manufacturing and Distribution practices.

Visit us at International Food Exhibition

Anuga - 2015, The International Food Trade Show
To be held on 10th - 14th October 2015, Cologne, Germany.

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