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Nuts are cultivated on wide scale to obtain the valuable nut meat, i.e. the fruits or kernels which are often encased in hard shell covering. Shimla Hills is an Indian dry fruit nuts supplier offering wholesale and bulk quantities of nuts, primarily cashew nuts.
We offer premium quality cashew nuts that are processed using latest technology.  India is one of the leading raw cashew nuts suppliers as well as processing hub of the world. Few other nuts that are popularly produced and exported from India include chilgoza (pine nut), almonds, pistachios, walnuts, coconut and peanut.
Large scale commercial production of Indian dried fruits and nuts is done to furnish their growing demand in the world, both for health benefits and industrial purposes. Nuts have a high nutritional content, which includes fats, vitamins, essential amino acids, vitamins and most importantly the omega-3–fatty-acid. Nuts also find a wider use in food processing industry in the bakery, snack foods, chocolates, roasting and breakfast cereals as well as pressed to extract oil. As trusted cashew nut suppliers, the processed nuts are rigorously checked for quality before they are hygienically packed to retain their natural taste and freshness.

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