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The luscious winter snacks – Chikki and Gajak

Chikki, a delectable fusion of Groundnuts and melted Jaggery, is a moreish snack that no one wishes to miss in the season of Jack Frost. Chikki is not mere a lip smacking snack, but it also bestows the body with numerous health benefits. It is a blessing for the heart as it is loaded with monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fats. Along with being a diabetes repellent, chikki is also a liver cleanser. It also aids in keeping cancer away and helps in boosting the memory power.

Gajak - bite size melted jaggery pieces coated with Sesame seeds- are considered as one of the healthiest edible available in winter. Its regular consumption in winter disallows the blood pressure to shoot up and prohibits the cholesterol at a lower level. Even if consumed separately, the ingredients of a chikki and gajak infuse the body with various nutrients that indispensable in keeping the body healthy in harsh winters when even a single mile seems like two. Jaggery, for instance, prevents constipation and shoots up the immunity, which is an essential for the body to cope with winter.

Groundnuts help fight depression, aid in regulating blood sugar level, lower the risk of heart diseases, promotes fertility, etc. Shimla Hills is an apex production house and exporter of Groundnuts and Sesame seeds and it is all braced up to export its production of Groundnut and Sesame seeds by the next month.


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Shimla Hills is a manufacturer, exporter and global supplier of processed, fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables, spices, pulses, grains, flavours and oil seeds. We are a Government Certified Export House driven by meticulous innovation and creativity that nurtures futuristic food trends.

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