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Raspuri Mango Puree

Raspuri mango is a popular table fruit, oval in shape and reddish yellow when ripe. This mango has sweet taste and is used increasingly in mango processing industry for extracting pulp and puree for use in food manufacturing industry. The Raspuri mango puree processing is done at our manufacturing plant following all GMP and hygiene standards.

We are one of the trusted mango pulp manufacturers and leading fruit puree suppliers, serving worldwide locations. The Indian Raspuri mangoes are harvested when they attain appropriate ripeness, well sorted and amply washed before being sent for mango pulp processing unit.

The manufacturing of Raspuri mango pulp is done thorough screening and separation process to make it free from any particles or impurities. This means that the pulp is strained free from peels, stones specks, other coarse parts of mango fruit and other substances.

We have an in-house team and lab for checking the quality of Raspuri mango pulp. Each and every lot of Raspuri mango is checked for quality. Once the team is fully assured that the Raspuri mango puree meets the desired customer specifications, it is transferred into special packaging under absolutely sterile environment.

The Raspuri mango pulp is packed in aseptic bags in drums to preserve the natural aroma and characteristic rich, deep yellow colour of Raspuri mangoes. The Raspuri mango pulp is perfectly suited for use in juices, nectars, jams, fruit cheese, beverages, puddings and bakery fillings, fruit meals for children, ice-creams and yoghurt.

Check the detailed process flowchart for Raspuri mango pulp processing or go through the product specifications below.


Single Strength Specification



Product Name

 Raspuri Mango Pulp

Brix (% TSS at 20° c)

min. 15.0

Acidity (as citric acid)





10 – 12 cms/30 sec on bostwick


yellow/reddish yellow


wholesome and characteristic


homogeneous and free flowing


characteristic of natural ripe Rasapuri and free from off flavour, cooked flavour



Total plate count (cfu/gm)


Yeast (cfu/gm)


Mould (cfu/gm)


Ecoli (cfu/gm)









aseptic bags in drums

Net weight

220 kg drum


80 drums/20'FCL

Storage conditions

storage at ambient temperature

Raspuri Mango Pulp

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