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Commonly referred as Achiote, Annato seeds are derived from annato tree. Annato seeds possess a coral red colour and a somewhat triangular structure. The best quality Annato seeds have a firm, crispy texture which can be experienced by firmly pressing them against each other. Shimla Hills presents to you premium quality Annato seeds sourced from the most reliable farms.

High Nutrition & Improved Health Ensured with Best Quality Annato Seeds…

Our offered Annato seeds are extremely high in nutrition due to incredibly high content of dietary fiber, antioxidants and minerals like iron, sodium and calcium. Consumption of Annato seeds in any form has proved to be effective to boost healthy digestion, strengthen bones, prevent birth defects & cancer, relieve stomach issues and heal wounds as well.

Our Offered Annato Seeds Find Use in Numerous Culinary Applications…

Absolutely premium in quality, our offered Annato seeds are highly suited for a range of culinary applications. You can use them in paste or powdered form in cuisines to add that extra bold colour, flavour and aroma. Alternatively, oil derived from these seeds can be used as a typical ingredient in your dishes. You can prepare adobo paste by grinding these seeds with chilli pepper and garlic.

Cooking with Annato seeds is simple. You may choose to add the seed directly to the cooking liquid and wait until desired colour is obtained. These can be even added to oils, meats and rice dishes to impart a bright golden hue and a tangy flavour. Their mild flavour and pungent aroma makes them perfectly suited for rice dishes.

Single Strength Specifications:

Origin : Indian and African      
Purity: 98%
Moisture: 6%
Admixture: 1%
Other Seeds: 1 %
Loadibility: 19 Mtons/20' FCL
Packaging: 25 /50 Kgs Bag s

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