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Available abundantly throughout the year, banana occupies a special place among fruits. The sweet ripened fruit is adored by people of all ages due to its unique tropical taste & flavour and wholesome goodness. Shimla Hills’ thick & delicious banana puree concentrate is an ideal source of all the nutrition and flavour banana has on offer.

Our Creamy & Thick Banana Puree Concentrate Carries Rich Banana Flavour…

We provide best quality banana puree concentrate suited for a diverse range of food formulations where absolutely natural banana taste & flavour is essentially required. Our banana puree concentrate can add that delicious natural banana flavour, creamy yellow colour, texture, aroma and consistency to whatever food you desire.

Made from perfectly ripened bananas, our banana puree concentrate carries the tropical goodness of the delicious fruit that you can savour to experience a heavenly delight. The puree concentrate is prepared by mashing, homogenizing and finally concentrating the fruit at state-of-the-art processing centres. Whether used for dairy products, jams, jellies, beverages, sauces, bakery products or similar food preparation, our banana puree concentrate will definitely impress always.

Be More than Just Staying Healthy with Our Banana Puree Concentrate…

Bananas contain high potassium content besides moderate amounts of vitamins, minerals and fiber. Our banana puree concentrate brings together all the nutrition packed into one to provide you with that extra energy and health goodness. Avail our delicious banana puree concentrate today to reap the absolute goodness of the tasty fruit for your health. Place your order now!

Seasonal Chart

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Single Strength Specifications:



32 - 34


< 10


4.0 - 4.5


Characteristic ripe banana color


Typical ripe banana flavor


Characteristic ripe banana taste

Bostwick cm/30 sec

at 25 + 2°C




220 kg aseptic bags in drums


Below 15°C for extended shelf life

Shelf life

 Eighteen months from the date of manufacturing when store below 15°C

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