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Coconut water is extremely refreshing just like its nourishing. Shimla Hills presents premium grade Coconut water Concentrate to global clients. Coconut water Concentrate from Shimla Hills packs rich nutrition and taste of pure coconut water. Prepared from mature coconut water, our Coconut water Concentrate features a pale yellow to brown colour and has a shelf life of 12 months. The additive–free concentrate can be deployed for use in a range of food preparations where rich coconut water taste is desired.

Seasonal Chart

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  • Colour and appearance: Yellowish to light brown translucent liquid  
  • Taste and odour: Typical of natural coconut water 
  • Shelf Life: Stable up to 12 months.
  • Storage: 20 – 260 degrees C at 20 - 50 relative humidity.
  • Packing: Bulk: 20L cans, 200L Drums, 1000L IBC
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:18 
  • Additives: Absent
  • pH: 4.7 – 5.4
  • Brix: 73.0- 75.0
  • Acidity: 0.4 – 1.0

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