Production & Processing Capabilities- Commodities

We’re a connect between the producers and consumers of agricultural commodities. Our sourcing network not only includes the Indian sub-continent, but also the regions of our offices across the world, including Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Middle East, Africa and USA.

We go that extra mile to get value-addition to the agricultural commodity before it reaches our customer. Right from post-harvest management to primary grading and processing, storage, warehousing, transportation, shipping and distribution; we invest at every level of the supply chain. Our primary processing processes for agricultural commodities include:

Cashew: Raw Nut Sizing and Steaming- Cutting/ Shelling- Raw Nut Cooling- Borma- Cooling Borma- Peeling- Grading- Fumigation- Packing- Dispatch.

Our Cashew Factory at Kollam, Kerela is strategically located in India’s centre of cashew industry with 80% of the total processing and export from India taking place here. It is accredited with ISO 9001 certification and has a processing capacity of over 200 MT a month, which will increase further.

Sesame Seeds: Cleaning, Hulling, Drying, Colour Sorting, Packing and Dispatch

Peanuts: Cleaning, Sorting, Grading, Packing, Dispatch

Rice: Cleaning, Drying, Sorting, Milling, Final Processing, Packing, Dispatch

Spices: Cleaning, Sorting, Packing, Dispatch

Pulses: Sorting, Grading, Polishing

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