Value towards Ecosystem

Fair trade policies

Fair Trade Policies are dutifully adhered to by our company. We share a mutual respect towards society and communities around the globe.

  • No farmer below the age of 18 is employed on our farms.
  • Optimum health and hygiene for farmers are ensured through regular health check-ups organised on the farms.
  • No night shifts are organised at the farms to ensure farmers get proper rest.
  • Primary education for children of all farmers is an imperative task at our hands which we make sure, is given to each and every child. In addition, facility of creche during the day is also provided.
  • Equipping farmers by imparting them technical know- how on useful farming systems and techniques help in get better, more improved and healthier yields.  


  • Our sustainable environmental initiatives help reduce carbon footprints. Be it through use of appropriate packaging material, incorporating renewable energy, reducing odiferous air submission and conserving non-renewal material.
  • We employ best farming methods and innovative solutions to protect both health and environment.
  • Decreasing environmental impact in our distribution channels by incorporating greener transportation methods and continuously evolving the distribution system.
  • Instilling more environmentally sustainable environments at our offices.

Stringent supplier approval process

  • A three step gating process methodically ensures that our vendors meet high expectations of our business and customers.
  • Vigorously determine the effectiveness of quality system at the supplier's manufacturing and support locations.
  • Developing diverse and reliable supplier base, focused on highest quality standards.
  • Comply fully with applicable environmental, health and safety legislation along with statutory, regulatory and other requirements of the countries we are operating in. 

Manpower sourcing 

Manpower sourcing is done from the underdeveloped regions of the world to boost their economic and social upliftment. We are equally devoted towards employee welfare, ethical corporate behaviour and social investments.

  • Forced or slave labour of any human being, especially children is neither supported nor condoned.
  • Treating our employees with respect and valuing all contributions made by our teams.
  • Ensuring proper remunerations for employees which meet least legal or industry’s minimum standards. 
  • Creating safer and better workplace for people.
  • Absolutely no discrimination made on the basis of race, national origin, social class, religion, sex, physical or mental disability.  

Respect towards our society  

  • Participate and contribute in the development of local economies of our company locations.
  • Support philanthropic as well as cultural and educational activities.
  • Create a bond with local communities and neighbours.  

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