Production & Processing Capabilities- Flavour

Our 5000 sq. ft. flavour compounding facility in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, certified by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has world class infrastructure for flavour manufacturing. It has been designed in accordance with GMP standards. The facility has an analytical lab, a microbial lab, an application lab and provision for warehousing.

A competent team of food technologists, flavorists, microbiologists and product analysts work here. Our vertical integration strategy (with the fruit pulp business vertical) facilitates us to produce From the name fruit flavours (FTNF). FTNF further serves as natural building blocks for tailor-made flavour compounding. FTNF is the backbone for flavour compounding creativity.

Beyond flavour compounding, creativity also has its extension into the application lab. At the application lab, we develop and test the application of these custom-made flavour solutions to various beverage, bakery, dairy, confectionery, oral care and savoury products. This helps our customers in developing the end product in a lesser time and helps in faster decision making. Our know-how in flavour application to multiple bases coupled with the client’s consumer insight results in the production of some very unique flavour solutions. 

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