Fruits Puree Concentrates Supplier

Being in the list of best fruit puree concentrate suppliers, Shimla Hills offers wide assortment of puree concentrates, which are made out of natural and high quality fruits. Some of these premium quality fruit purees and concentrates are Mango Puree, Red Papaya Puree, Banana Puree etc.

The Process

The fruit is passed through a series of processes, which includes washing, cutting, deseeding, de-stoning, ripening, inspecting, refining and finally obtaining the puree /concentrate through the vacuum procedure.

Hygienic Fruit Puree Concentrates

As one of the bulk manufacturers and exporters of fruit puree concentrate, hygiene is considered as a commandment. Our fruit puree and puree concentrates don’t contain any artificial sweeteners and we maintain strict hygiene.

Premium Packaging for Concentrates

As a trusted fruit puree concentrate supplier, premium packaging is a top most priority for Shimla Hills to preserve the taste as well as freshness. Thus, after processing, the wide range of fruit puree and puree concentrates are packed into large aseptic containers in order to make them Export-Ready.


Be it mango puree concentrate, red papaya or banana puree concentrate, they are used to prepare numerous delicacies such as candies, preserves, jellies, jams, marmalades, juices, nectars, baby food, beverages, ice-cream, sauces, snacks and cereal bars.

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