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Packed with the wholesome goodness of nutrients, Corn is especially popular as a breakfast food in form of corn flakes. A popular Asian vegetable, Baby corn is extracted from regular corn plants that are harvested from standard varieties of sweet field corn just after silk thread has emerged. Shimla Hills offers IQF baby corn highly suited for a range of culinary applications. Our baby corn features a characteristic pale yellow colour that often appears mild white in low light.

Preparing IQF Baby Corn is a Highly Specialized Quality-centric Process….

Our IQF whole baby corn is prepared from fresh, non-GMO, tender yellow corn by removing the husk and silk, inspecting and washing, blanching, cooling and at freezing -18°C or below. Maintaining the ideal storage temperatures is highly crucial to maintaining these baby corns in good shape. Only the best quality baby corns having the perfect texture and colour are used for the process. You would definitely adore their cute small shape and absolutely delicious flavour.

Our IQF Baby Corn Perfectly Suited for Several Gourmet Preparations…

Considering the loads of nutrition baby corn brings along, you can have them in the way you like. You can have them deep fried to get delicious crispy baby corn mixed with some other chopped vegetables. Baby corn Manchurian is a great dish and so is baby corn curry having flavours of garlic, onions and tomatoes. It can be also used to prepare chilli baby corn – a heavenly treat for spicy food lovers. Just place your order to get best quality IQF baby corn easily delivered!

Single Strength Specification:



 70 to100 mm


 Max 20 mm



Creamy white

Taste & Flavour:

Characteristics of baby corn


Isolated, free from any kind of foreign matter.



- ve (Negative)

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