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IQF Banana

There are a host of ways in which bananas can be consumed and these include eating it raw, relishing as puree or adding it to some tasty dessert. Being a leading IQF banana supplier, Shimla Hills brings the finest Cavendish bananas to you in frozen form. You can enjoy the wholesome goodness of delicious Cavendish bananas with our IQF bananas.

Relish Cavendish Bananas Available in Frozen Form

Banana has made a serious reputation of being the commonest fruit on global breakfast tables. Its high popularity is totally due to the immensely delicious taste and abundance of nutrition that this cherished fruit brings along. People who regularly consume banana keep several health complications away.

Cavendish bananas are world-renowned for their super-rich taste and creamy texture. Shimla Hills produces frozen banana dices/slices from perfectly ripe Cavendish bananas. Packing the unique creaminess of Cavendish variety, our IQF banana is highly suited for a range of culinary preparations.

Our IQF banana comes with a long shelf life that renders it perfectly edible for extended durations. Ensure to refrigerate the product below -18 degree Celsius and maintain same temperature until it is to be used.

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If relishing the pleasant natural taste of bananas is something you adore, our frozen banana dices/slices are perfect for you. Shimla Hills, the reputed frozen banana supplier, assures you of delivering the supreme quality always. We have huge stocks of IQF banana currently which you can avail by placing your bulk order.

  • Storage: Min -18° C
  • Shelf Life: 2 years
  • Flavour/Aroma: Ripe Cavendish Banana
  • Colour: Creamy White

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