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Tasty, crunchy and highly delicious – carrots are a favourite for people of all ages. From the nutrition perspective, carrots again fetch the limelight due to their high contents of antioxidants, fiber, beta carotene, vitamins and potassium. Regular carrot intake has proven to reduce cholesterol levels and better eye health. Shimla Hills offers premium quality carrot dices in frozen form. Our IQF carrot dices are absolutely delicious and come packed with several health benefits.

Have Our IQF Carrot Dices Roasted, Caramelized or Even Raw…

Our offered IQF carrot dices are prepared from fresh carrots bearing a crispy texture and even orange colour. You can experience the absolute goodness of crispy carrots as soon as you open the packing cut open. These carrot dices are good to go with almost all form of salads. You can have them roasted with honey in an oven or can even have them caramelized with some sugar for that extra sweet taste.

While preparing the carrot dices, dirt and debris is removed completely from carrots by washing them clean with water. Washed and dried carrots are slightly peeled and sliced into dices before finally freezing them to get IQF carrot dices. Packaging is suitably done to ensure that carrot dices remain in good condition until used.

Get Quality IQF Carrot Dices from Premium Agro Products Supplier…

We are highly reputed in the industry owing to our best quality agro food products that cater to food & beverage industry requirements. Our offered IQF carrot dices pack amazing health benefits and come with our premium quality assurance. Place your order now!

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