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IQF Jalapenos

The superb hotness of jalapenos is world-renowned and this is something rendering it highly useful for spicy gourmet preparations. Shimla Hills, a reputed frozen jalapenos supplier, brings to you the crispy, sizzling hot taste of jalapenos with IQF jalapenos.

Create Hot Flavour Sensation in Cuisines with Jalapenos

A medium size chilli pepper pod, Jalapeno features a firm, smooth edible green flesh. We ensure providing the best-in-class jalapenos that excel in terms of taste, flavour and overall quality parameters. Only the freshest, bright green jalapenos are sourced, washed, and dried before slicing into small chunks.

The product is finally individually quick frozen to get IQF jalapenos. A number of ways exist in which you can consume our frozen jalapenos. You may consume them raw, or have them baked into egg dishes, or can get them simply infuse into chilli oils.

These even taste amazing when stuffed into juicy, tender meat. You may think of even more innovative cuisines with jalapenos as ingredient to bring out the real food-maker within you. There are countless recipes where the crispy, hot jalapenos may create amazing taste wonders. Just give them a try!

Stay Assured of Premium Quality Jalapenos Always   

A prominent IQF jalapenos supplier, Shimla Hills presents only the best quality jalapenos to global clients. You can avail our frozen jalapenos at the most competitive rates to make your cuisines incredibly flavourful like never before. Your IQF jalapenos are just an order away; place order now.

Origin: India

Colour: Green

Shape: Slices/Cubes

Flavour: Perfectly Mature Jalapeno

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