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Muskmelon also known as cantaloupe is a spherical shaped fruit with thick greenish-white skin and orange, juicy pulp. The orange colour fruit contains high content of potassium, beta carotene and Vitamin A that ensures health benefits like enhanced immunity, healthy heart & skin and much more. Shimla Hills exports premium quality muskmelon slices/dices in IQF form. Immensely nutritious in taste, our IQF muskmelon has huge demand in the global food industry.

Only Farm-fresh Muskmelon Used in Preparing Slices/Dices…

We prepare frozen cantaloupe or muskmelon slices and dices by selecting farm-fresh muskmelons which are properly sorted, peeled, sliced, diced and then packed. The packed product is then finally passed through individual quick freezer at controlled temperatures.

Each of the frozen dices ensures lasting taste & flavour when used in culinary preparation. You can have them raw or simply combine them with fruit salad to get an absolutely healthy meal starter. These are a great addition to dry fruit custard or can be used with chocolate smoothie. Chilled muskmelon crush is another simple-yet-delicious application of our IQF dices.

Avail Best Quality IQF Muskmelons Dices Hygienically-packed in Bags…

You can experience the absolute freshness and sweet flavour of real muskmelon fruit in our IQF muskmelon dices. These come with a shelf life of 24 months and are thus good to go for long periods of time. Our IQF dices/slices are neatly packed in LDPE bags to retain absolute freshness for long. Simply place your order for IQF muskmelon dices with us to avail them at the most reasonable rates!

Single Strength Specification:



Melon - Cantaloupe / Casaba / Honeydew
Dices 10 x 10mm, Cubes 15 x 15mm, Cubes 20 x 20mm, Chunks 25 x 25mm, Balls 20 x 20mm




Min -18° C

Shelf Life

2 years


June - October

Brix corrected at 20° C (o B)

> 6.0


5.0 - 7.0


Natural of the Fruit

Flavour / Aroma

Sweet Semi Ripe Melon

Microbiological Analysis


TPC cfu/gm

< 100000

Yeast/Mould cfu/gm

< 1000

Coli forms cfu/gm

< 100

E-Coli cfu/gm

< 10

Salmonella cfu/gm

Negative in 25g

Staphylococcus aureus

Negative in 25g


10 Kg LDPE Bags in 5 ply Carton Box

Net Weight

10 Kgs

Cases Per FCL


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