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Pomegranate is often considered a heavenly fruit due to its rich colour arils and incredible health benefits. The edible red hued seeds (called arils) of this sweet fruit come enriched with antioxidants, fiber, minerals and Vitamin C and helps in cancer prevention, heart disease and arthritis. It contains three times more antioxidants than green tea. Shimla Hills exports the best quality pomegranate arils in IQF form.

Quality is Foremost for Us While Processing IQF Pomegranate Arils…

All pomegranate fruits are sourced from the best agricultural farms so as to ensure using the freshest agricultural produce for our requirements. Further, pomegranate arils or kernels are extracted from sorted and washed pomegranate fruit. The pomegranate arils or kernels are then passed through individual quick freezer at controlled temperatures.

These are then sorted, inspected and finally packed maintaining strict hygienic and product safety conditions. Storage is always done at -18° C as this is the ideal minimum temperature for optimum storage of IQF pomegranate arils. The stored pomegranate arils are further delivered to customers as per the order received.

Our Pomegranate Arils Suited for Wide Range of Culinary Applications…

You can use these red hued pomegranate arils to impart lovely appearance and awesome taste to your salad. These can be used in a wide variety of recipes besides just salads such as spicy chicken or fried potatoes with sauce. The nutrition and taste associated with each of these arils is bound to impress you always. We have huge stocks of IQF pomegranate arils available to meet customer requirements. Place your order now!

Seasonal Chart

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Single Strength Specification:



Red / White / Half Red Arils




Min -18° C

Shelf Life

2 years


February - September

Brix corrected at 20° C (o B)

12.0 - 19.0


3.9 - 5.0


Natural of the Fruit

Flavour / Aroma


Microbiological Analysis


TPC cfu/gm

< 40000

Yeast/Mould cfu/gm

< 1000

Coli forms cfu/gm

< 100

E-Coli cfu/gm

< 10

Salmonella cfu/gm

Negative in 25g

Staphylococcus aureus

Negative in 25g


10 Kg LDPE Bags in 5 ply Carton Box

Net Weight

10 Kgs

Cases Per FCL


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