Production & Processing Capabilities- Pulp & IQF

Shimla Hills is a leading exporter of processed fruit products that include pulps, purees, concentrates and juices. Quality is our hallmark, and we put all our efforts to provide the same by using state-of-the-art machinery and following operational international standards.  Mango pulp is one the major processed products we export. Apart from this, we also export processed products that include guava pulp (white & pink), papaya pulp (red & yellow), banana puree, pineapple puree, litchi pulp etc.

Shimla Hills utilizes only the best produces of tropical fruits from the finest farms that majorly grow in the southern fruit belt, to be converted into processed products as per the client requirement. In addition we actively participate in programs like HACCP & ISO 9001-2000 to ensure that our clients can consider us amongst their most trusted and reliable suppliers of processed fruit products.


The Aseptic Packaging Unit for fruit pulp/puree/concentrate:


The aseptic process involves the packaging of food in sterile containers under most sterile conditions. The aseptic processing unit at Shimla Hills has ripening chambers with a capacity of 200 MT per chamber for total of 16 chambers, and pulper with filling and sterilizing capacity of 10 MT per hour for fruit pulps and 6MT per hour for fruit puree concentrate.

To guarantee the consistency of our products, we use international standard food grade aseptic Goglio bags for packaging that are further packed in rust free steel drums with inner polyliner. Most of our fruit pulp units have unique PLC controlled automatic continuous processing plant machinery. This means all our products are processed and packed under utmost sterile and hygienic conditions.

We emphasize on the food safety norms and follow quality control techniques. Our processing plants rigorously practice all GMP, QA, strict sanitation, hygiene and other modern fruit processing concepts.  With a warehousing facility of 2500 tons at a time, throughout the year, we bring in extra value for our buyers.

Detailed Process Flow Chart


The IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) Processing Unit for frozen fruits and vegetables:


After gaining our stronghold on the fresh and processed fruits, Shimla Hills took a step further by extending its product base with IQF products.  This new technique brought a complete revolution in the entire food industry.

The IQF Process

Whilst the products are in motion on IQF belt, they are individually quick frozen by blast freezing method. Individual pieces of food are passed over a conveyor belt and separately quick frozen by a blast freezer. This method ensures each part of the product gets frozen by attaining a uniform temperature of -18 to -21 degree Celsius.  This leaves each piece of fruits or vegetables separately frozen and not formed into a cohesive block. The damage occurring to products is minimised by keeping uniform air distribution throughout.

The IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) has completely replaced the traditional freezing method which had certain limitations to it. The traditional, slow freezing process was not only slow, but also caused the fruits and vegetables to get thawed. This meant damage to the internal cell structure because of the formation of large ice crystals. IQF, also known as flash freezing on the other hand maintains the original texture, nutrition, taste and freshness of the fruit.  It also eradicates the reprocessing and drop loss during re-freezing.

This quick freezing technique also breaks the limitations of seasonality because IQF fruits and vegetables have longer shelf life. You can maintain a continuous supply of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year.

Shimla Hills is equipped with completely advanced and automatic machineries for IQF processing with an hourly production of 1- 2 MT on an average.  We pack IQF products under most hygienic condition in 5 ply brown carton with neutral labels and inner blue unsealed poly, as per client requirements.

Shimla Hills provides frozen fruits and vegetables in different forms mostly as whole, half, slices, dices and tit bits. Our IQF product includes mango slices and dices for Alphonso and Totapuri varieties, coconut cubes, papaya slices/dices, pink guava dices and muskmelon slices/dices. In addition to this, you can also find frozen green peas, carrot dices, baby corn and sweet corn with us.

A sneak peek into the aseptic, canning and IQF process with process flowcharts:

Detailed Process Flow Chart

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