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Millets are small seeded grasses, widely grown in India, usually known as cereals crop. The millets are used for both human consumption and as fodder. Shimla Hills offers the finest quality millets ready to be exported worldwide in bulk packaging at competitive rates.

A Quick Overview of the Outstanding Features of Our offered Millet...

Millets are known for being digestive and instant high energy giving food. Shimla Hills brings to you the finest quality yellow millets bearing exceptionally high nutritional value and a longer shelf life. With 14 percent maximum moisture content, our millets are absolutely safe to consume. You can fairly predict the freshness of our millets considering the mildly-shining yellow colour and healthy texture they carry.

We deliver our millets in high-quality packaging that allows our customers experience its absolute freshness as soon as the packaging is cut open. Also, latest techniques are deployed for processing the millet while paying special emphasis on preserving the nutrition within. Our food technologists strictly examine the millet on several parameters of quality before tagging them fit for human consumption.

Premium Quality Millet Made Available at Discounted Rates…

Our growing industry reputation as a premier millet supplier itself puts across a clearer picture of the supreme quality we serve to our customers.  Furthermore, our hygienically produced millet is made available to global customers at quite reasonable rates. When you get such fine quality millet at a nominal price, there’s no need to look elsewhere. The team at Shimla Hills can definitely help you place your bulk order for millet

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24 Mtons/20' FCL

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