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Superior Quality Papaya Pulp

Papaya is known for its delicious sweet taste and soft juicy pulp. A long bulbous fruit, papaya is hollow from inside with small black seeds freely scattered in the pulp. Papaya fruit grows well in most tropical and sub-tropical countries. The raw fruit is green and eventually turns to bright yellow when it ripens. We are manufacturers and suppliers of quality yellow and red papaya pulp.

Selected varieties of mature Indian yellow or red papayas are harvested for pulp processing. Papayas used are free from any genetic modification and passed through stringent quality checks before they can be processed into papaya extract. The finished product i.e. pulp is strained free from peels, seed particles, coarse parts of papaya fruit and other substances or impurities.  The pulp is then filled into aseptic bag in drums with an inner polyliner, while maintaining absolutely sterile and hygienic conditions.

Red Papaya Pulp- The manufacturing process for red papaya pulp includes cutting, deseeding, peeling, refining and finally obtaining the pulp. As one of the trusted Indian papaya manufactures we ensure to use latest processing equipment and technology for red papaya processing. Papaya pulp is mostly preferred for its consistency, flavor and strong medicinal properties. Papaya pulp is also rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes and minerals.

Our extensive research, combined with our experience of handling red papaya extract has helped us to produce a pulp that has natural flavor, even after processing. Red papaya pulp can be used in the making of nectars, fruit juices, jams, jellies, ice-creams, yoghurt, baby food, bakery products and confectionery.

Yellow Papaya Pulp – It is manufactured from handpicked papayas that undergo series of change during processing. The final papaya extract is taken out through thermal processing and packed under aseptic conditions. Yellow papaya pulp is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, and is used for fruit breads, cakes, tarts, muffins, pie-fillings, cereals, fruit bars, milkshakes, yogurts, puddings, toppings etc. We are papaya fruit pulp manufacturers and exporter of finest quality yellow papaya pulp available at competitive prices.

Seasonal Chart

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Single Strength Specifications:



Yellowish Orange


Typical to Papaya

Foreign Matter


Total Soluble Solid (TSS) at 20° C

8 °Brix

Acidity (as Citric Acid)

0.4 – 0.6 % W/W




Natural Flavor



Ascorbic Acid



Packing MS Drum painted wide mouth with Aseptic Bag and polyliner

Net Weight

215 Kg ± 2 Kg And 3.1Kg Cans, 6X3.1Kg/Carton

Shelf Life

18 months at normal ambient condition


Store in cool condition and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Ideal storage temperature 4 – 8º C.

Product name, batch/product code, net/gross weight, date of manufacture, storage instruction are printed on the label, affixed to each drum/box. The products are packed in an aseptic system with high quality and competitive price.

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