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Savoury of the month, Cannabis Milkshake!

'Bhang' (or cannabis, marijuana), is the oldest intoxicant in the world has its roots in the Indian subcontinent. It is prepared from the leaves and flower buds of the female cannabis plant, and consumed as a beverage

It has a deep rooted history in the Indian subcontinent where Hindus associate it with the most powerful deity of the Hindu trinity, Lord Shiva. Folklores revolve around Lord Shiva bringing Bhang from the mighty Himalayas to bless the mankind with its pleasure. Some legends talk about the discovery of Bhang when Gods and Demons together stirred the vast oceans with big mountains in an attempt to acquire life's nectar.

Infact, Cannabis is so ingrained in the Indian culture that it is believed that consuming Bhang is the best way to appease Lord Shiva. The Vedas too consider it as a sacred plant. This is a very much culturally acceptable drink in India. It is drunk by one and all to escalate the spirit of Holi festival.

'Bhang Thandai' or 'Cannabis milkshake' is prepared by crushing and grinding the buds and leaves of Cannabis plant into a green coloured paste. This paste is then boiled with a mixture containing nuts and spices like almonds, pistachios, poppy seeds, ginger, pepper, honey or sugar. Then it is cooled and served chilled. It's a healthy alternative to alcohol and a nutritious, refreshing drink.



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dot Savoury of the month, Cannabis Milkshake

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