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A day with a mango farmer

Few days back, a young looking man, clad in crisp formals entered our office premises. He donned a jovial smile and looked extremely energetic, which could be judged by his brisk walk. We thought he was an interviewee, as he was escorted to our colleague's cabin.


After half an hour later, he emerged from the cabin and was surprisingly introduced to us. He humbly greeted us all with a 'Namaste', a traditional Indian way of greeting. We returned the greeting, but with a curiosity to know who he was. The young man was actually one our esteemed contract farmer and big supplier of fresh mangoes. Yes he was young, in his thirties, but an agriculturist by choice. An Indian farmer, he was nothing akin to the ideal image of a farmer we had in our mind. And also because it was the first time a farmer was visiting us contrary to us visiting their farms.

We were pleasantly amazed to know that he was a M.Sc. in agriculture and was a budding entrepreneur. As our discussion proceeded, he explained to us how rightfully modernizing agriculture in India could change it for good. He was bubbling with ideas and was extremely proud of his mango orchards which were though given to him in legacy, were completely overhauled with modern farming techniques by him.

On being asked, why he chose to be a farmer he said, "Agriculture in India suffers due to lack of new ideas, education and right implementation of technology. The younger generation is more capable and if they actively participate in it, they can create a second revolution. I also feel, this way I can contribute more towards India's growth and economy." With a light, artful smile he continued, "and maybe this way we can also break the archetypal image of uneducated, downtrodden India farmer." Our entire team laughed heartily to this.

We had so much to learn and absorb from him because since his childhood he was deeply engaged with mango farming. He understood mangoes like none of us would ever understand. It was natural that our discussion continued for quite long.

However, it was his vision for future of Indian agriculture that made us think. He said, "It is important that technology reaches all corners of agro India because it is through good use of technology that farms can be better integrated and farmers empowered with better service. The governance needs to be smoothened and the market process needs to be simplified." Indeed a new agricultural revolution is in the offing for India.


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