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Plunged into celebrating Christmas

The family members of Shimla Hills catapulted themselves into the ocean of merriment and euphoria...

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The luscious winter snacks – Chikki and Gajak

Chikki, a delectable fusion of Groundnuts and melted Jaggery, is a moreish snack that no one wishes to miss in the season of Jack Frost.

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When the winter calls birds to Incredible India

We all have at least once heard the crowing of the rooster at the break of dawn. We also cannot afford to forget the chirping sound made by Sparrows..

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A New Year. A Fresh Start.

People around the globe are all set to welcome the New Year with their arms wide open. Everyone around is wrapped with mirth and merriment for it is that time of the year where old worries and stress are no more recalled or remembered.Enemies turn into friends and grudges find no more place between the two.People are entailed in erasing their bad memories and look forward to a fresh start.

Their brooding eyes gaze continuously on the ticking clock so that when the hands of the clock merge, they could start fresh by undertaking new resolutions.

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Papaya – A gift of Mexico to the World

Some call it tree melon and some loves the name pawpaw. Papaya is known around the globe for its rich cum unique flavor. It is rich in taste because it benefits our body in oodles of ways while it is unique because Papaya is the only fruit in the entire world which is somewhat bitter and a lot sugary in taste.

Papaya infuses in our body a whopping 144% of daily recommended value of vitamin C, which aids in fighting infections and boost antioxidants in our body. Along with keeping the love organ healthy, Papaya also keeps..

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Know About Shimla Hills

Shimla Hills is a manufacturer, exporter and global supplier of processed, fresh, frozen fruits and vegetables, spices, pulses, grains, flavours and oil seeds. We are a Government Certified Export House driven by meticulous innovation and creativity that nurtures futuristic food trends.

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Aditi Gaur

I, Aditi Gaur, being plunged into the rich flavor of Alphonso, the deep hues of a luscious green guava, and the crunch of a freshly bitten strawberry, wish you a very Happy and a Prosperous New Year. While the food stories will whet your appetite for the gourmet in you, I will also take you to a short tour of different cultures, trends in the food industry and food technology through interesting newsletters.

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