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Featuring a sweet & sour taste with strong flavour, Tamarind is widely used in several culinary applications around the world. Shimla Hills is a reputed supplier of quality Tamarind puree prepared from fresh tamarinds under strict quality control processes.

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Being a prominent supplier of Tamarind puree, we totally ensure that only the best quality is made available to our clients located in different regions of the world. Our offered Tamarind puree comes packed with a bunch of health benefits including diabetes management, weight loss, improved immune system & heart health. You will also surely adore the delicious flavour of our offered Tamarind puree besides leveraging the incredible nutrition it has on offer.

For preparation, freshest tamarinds are selected, washed, boiled, mashed and further processed to produce puree with thick & luscious texture. Our tamarind puree features a rich dark brown colour, heavy texture and enticing flavour making it suitable to go with any dish that tastes good with a slight sweet-sour flavour. Owing to health concerns, it’s highly recommended to avoid use of copper or aluminium utensils for cooking when using tamarind puree as ingredient in any cuisine.

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Relishing our offered premium quality tamarind puree just requires you to place your order with us. We have bulk quantity of best quality Tamarind puree in stock. To avail the same at the most reasonable rate, place order now!

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