• An organization wide Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system levels up operational efficiencies across all geographies and offers real-time service to our customers.
  • From canned to aseptic; and then IQF and flavour compounding, we have embraced the latest technologies for food processing to meet the evolving demands of our global customer.
  • Best digital online channels for food traceability which onset at the farm level.
  • The first Indian company to use wireless digital online temperature control system right from the farms, all the way through to the value chain, even over the sea, till it reaches end user.
  • First Indian exporter to use precision engineered, modified atmosphere and modified humidity packaging for fresh produce.
  • Packhouse equipped with latest technology that ensures proper post-harvest management, along with proper washing, drying, grading, packaging, ripening, VHT etc. based on product categories at each packhouse.

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