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Shimla Hills: One of the Most Trusted Tomato Paste Suppliers

Tomato paste or tomato puree concentrate is produced from quality tomatoes of India’s largest tomato growing state, Andhra Pradesh. The ripened tomatoes are processed through series of steps where they are selected, washed, crushed and blanched to deactivate the enzymes. The foreign content from tomato paste, like the skin and seeds, is discarded and finally passed through concentrating machine to reduce the water content through the evaporation process.

As one of the leading tomato paste suppliers, we follow innovative methods of processing tomato to make puree concentrate. With the same, we are able to retain the flavour, colour and richness of tomatoes in the puree concentrate. The processed tomato paste or tomato puree concentrate is then packed into large aseptic containers. With excellent quality, rich consistency and fruit content, our tomato paste can be used in soups, stews, sauces, and many more dishes.

When it comes to health benefits, a tomato has oodles of them. In studies, it has been found that consumption of tomatoes or tomato products is linked to the decreased risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart strokes, and heart attacks. Further, tomato products are rich in lycopene and the same is beneficial for skin health. It also helps the skin combat sunburn. Researches have also found a connection between tomatoes and reduced risk of lung, stomach, and prostate cancer. On the whole, tomatoes or tomatoes-based products are extremely beneficial for the health of an individual.

When you order tomato puree concentrate from Shimla Hills - one of the leading tomato paste suppliers - you are assured of premium quality and top-grade packaging.

Seasonal Chart

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Single Strength Specifications:


Total Soluble Solids (TSS)

28-30° Brix


1.9 a/b – 2.10 a/b Hunterlab ( at 12°Brix)

Acidity as Citric Acid

1.6 ± 0.3 W/W


< 4.4


228Kg Aseptic Bags

Shelf Life

12 months from the date of production under above mentioned storage conditions

Taste & Flavour


Product name, batch/product code, net/gross weight, date of manufacture, storage instruction are printed on the label, affixed to each drum/box. The products are packed in an aseptic system with high quality and competitive price.

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